Top 3 most beautiful sculptures in the world

The world of art includes several sectors among which is sculpture. Throughout the world, several sculptural works leave no one indifferent. What are these works? Discover 3 of them in the following article.
The statue of Christ the Redeemer
This sculpture made of stone is located in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. It symbolizes Christianity and is erected on a mountain called Corcovado. More details on the following site:
It was built from 1922 to 1931 by the artists: Heitor da Silva Costa, Gheorghe Leonida, Albert Caquot, and Paul Landowski. This statue is established on 38 m in height. Over the years, this gigantic sculpture has become the emblematic figure of the city that bears it and attracts thousands of tourists from abroad.
The Monument of the Renaissance
This beautiful artistic work is located in Dakar, the capital of Senegal. It is built on 52 m height and to reach it, you have to walk up 198 stairs.
Note that this statue symbolizes the bond between members of the same family. It is composed of a bare-chested man holding his wife and child and together they are facing the sun. According to the descriptions accompanying the work, this orientation was made to signify the opening of the country to other horizons.
The statue of Venus de Milo
This sculpture was discovered in Europe, particularly on the island of Melos in the 1820s. It is more than 2 m tall and embodies the physical features of a Greek goddess whose limbs have been severed. Since its discovery, it has been kept in the Louvre Museum in France.
This sculpture reflects a rather advanced artistic research for that time. It is out of the ordinary compared to the habits of its time thanks to innovations. These innovations concern: the spiral composition, the spatial arrangement and many other elements that intrigue many tourists and make its charm.
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